How to choose White Caladiums for your growing zone

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How to choose White Caladiums for your growing zone

White Caladiums, like the red ones, are instant eye-catchers. With white leaves characterized by mostly green accents, white caladiums stand out of the crowd, enhancing the beauty of even the other plants in your garden. The white color on the leaves indicate the age of the caladium bulb, soil fertility and fertilizer used for caladium growth. White caladiums are a great way to furnish your gardens, flower beds, borders and shade zones. They look well on containers too.

How to plant white caladiums: Like every other caladium bulb, white caladium bulbs should be planted in soil only if you are sure the night temperature is greater than 60 degrees. As always, keep the soil moist and not soggy. Plant the bulbs 2 inches below the soil and nourish them with fertilizers for about six weeks. If your white bulbs are non-resistant to the sun, plant them indoors and then shift outdoors.

There are various kinds of white caladiums in the world. Most of them come with large heart-shaped or lance-shaped leaves of white backgrounds tinted with accents of green. Some popular white caladiums you can choose for your growing zone are:

Garden White Caladium: One of the most sun-tolerant varieties of caladiums derived from a cross between Aaron and Candidum Junior. The leaves of this caladium are 13 inches long and 7 inches wide.

June Bride White Caladium: A stunning caladium that emerges with pure white leaves the second year if you use less fertilizers. The first year of the plant will however see white leaves with green tinges. Another great sun tolerant caladium.

How to choose White Caladiums for your growing zone

White Queen Caladium: A sun tolerant white caladium, this variety emerges with pure white leaves with pink/red veins in the center. Since fertilization can cause more pink in the leaves, avoid it if white is desired. The bulb of this caladium offers so many varieties in color and hence accompanying plants should be carefully chosen.

Aaron Caladium: Aaron is not very amicable with the sun and should be grown in filtered sunlight. The caladium leaves have green border and are hardy in zones 9-11. This can be mixed with large white impatiens for beauty and contrast in your growing zone.

White Christmas Caladium: A great favorite before the Christmas season on account of its color, this caladium should be largely grown in filtered sun or shade. The white leaves of this caladium have deep green borders and veins and are hardy in zones 10-11. Better to remove the bulbs and store during Fall.

Candidum and Candidum Junior Caladium: Candidum is the tallest of the two – can grow up to 24 inches, while Candidum Junior is a shorter plant. These caladiums have large white leaves with green accents.

Choose Caladiums for your growing zone: Caladiums need little care after plantation. But they demand more attention during the plantation of the bulbs. Check your region’s growing conditions, including weather conditions, before you decide on where to place your white caladiums. Note where your garden’s sprinkler systems are, as caladiums cannot survive in wet conditions and will rot if kept in soggy atmosphere.

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